Music Artist Erskin Anavitarte on Music, Life, & Family

December 20, 2016

Erskin Anavitarte, is a Texas Born, Nashville based singer songwriter. He spends a lot of time on the road, nationally and globally, out sharing a message of hope out in communities, coffee shops, and concert venues.  He and Leaderbyte Host, Chester Goad, discuss family, creativity, music, and more. Don't miss his thoughts on leadership, or his take on the journey of a creative and his recent tour to India. Chester and Erskin share their favorite Christmas gift growing up, and they also talk advocacy. Check it out! Helpful links below:




A Very Amateur Christmas Episode: 5 Gifts Every Leader Should Give the Team

December 16, 2016

In this solo episode, your Leaderbyte host shares 5 Gifts Every Leader Should Give the Team and a special Christmas message!  If you're struggling with what to give your team, or even friends and family this season, you won't want to miss this episode of the leaderbyte!  This is our 11th episode, we're still amateurs, but we're thankful to be building an audience, and that you're a part of it! Merry Christmas! 


Leaderbyte Podcast 10 Letting Go & Leading: Taylor Tagg on Forgiveness

November 28, 2016

Taylor Tagg offers some practical "how-to" advice on forgiving others. It's a challenge to lead when you haven't let go of something. Taylor helps leaders, business executives and everyday individuals from all walks of life, take those first steps toward actually forgiving someone. We often discuss the "why" of forgiveness but we almost never consider that there may be practical steps to take to actually do it! It's an interesting conversation and you'll find some nuggets of wisdom to apply to your own life here. This episode offers a different perspective, and is definitely another leadership conversation worth having.


SKIT GUYS on Laughter, Leadership & Stupid Poverty

November 20, 2016

Your Leaderbyte Host, Chester Goad talks with The Skit Guys about laughter, leadership, and their partnership with the Stupid Poverty Project and how you can help. You'll learn more about their backgrounds, whether or not they get self-conscious and what you need to do when you're feeling self-conscious and why it's important to be encouraging. 




Leaderbyte Podcast 8: Drumming Up Relief for Rwanda with Josh Devine

November 10, 2016

One Direction's Drummer Josh Devine, and former Kutless Drummer Jeff Gilbert now of FH, and ES Collective join the show to discuss their unique partnership and efforts to provide relief to Rwanda, and there's a really cool way you can involved. 

Fans can win One Direction’s world-famous drum kit now through December 31 by visiting and making a donation that will help make a difference. The more you donate, the more you'll be entered to win. 

To learn more about Food for the Hungry or FH check out the website.

Follow Josh Devine on Twitter @joshdevinedrums 

Follow Jeff Gilbert on Twitter @jeff_gilbert 

Follow the Leaderbyte Host, Chester Goad on Twitter @cgoad09





Leaderbyte Podcast 7: Leading through Ugliness Part Two: Volunteer Boots on the Ground

November 6, 2016

In Part Two of Leading through Ugliness, we discuss Hurricane Matthew and disaster relief with veteran disaster volunteer and site director, Bill Fogarty.  Bill began his Disaster Relief journey with Hurricane Katrina, and has since become a leader in several disaster relief volunteer efforts.  Currently Bill Fogarty provides leadership to 14 Hurricane Matthew sites in North Carolina. In this Bonus episode, our Host Chester Goad, continues to dig deep into leading through ugly situations. What sort of person volunteers for disaster relief? What are the most important things leaders must remember during crisis situations?  North Carolina and communities all along the coast are still hurting. Is volunteering for you? How can you help? 

Hurricane Matthew Stats: Hurricane Matthew (October) - 634,157 meals prepared, 153 clean up jobs; 7,379 showers provided; 2,593 loads of laundry


Additional SBDR Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Stats
  • W.Va. Flood (June) - 127,583 meals prepared, 535 clean up jobs; 5,228 Showers provided; 1,550 loads of laundry
  • South Louisiana Floods (August) - 680,888 meals prepared, 2,882 clean up jobs; 13,511 Showers provided; 6,344 loads of laundry
  • 2016 TOTALS: 
    • 1,442,628 meals prepared
    • 3,570 clean up jobs
    • 26,118 showers provided
    • 10,487 loads of laundry 
      [Totals include above disasters and St. Louis Flood (December 2015); Louisiana Flood (March); East Texas Floods (March); Ft. McMurray (Canada) Fire (May); Texas Floods (May)]

Leaderbyte Podcast 6: Leading through Ugliness: Disaster Relief Efforts Part One

November 6, 2016

Part One of Leading through Ugliness. Leaderbyte Host Chester Goad talks leadership strategy with experts leading massive volunteer relief efforts in the midst of disasters like Hurricane Matthew and ongoing efforts to end Human Trafficking. Guests are: David Melber, Vice President of Faith-Based relief organization SEND Relief and Mickey Caison, Executive Director of the Faith-Based SBDR, who is also a national emergency and disaster relief veteran. These organizations operate the largest disaster relief efforts in the United States. In the next episode, Part Two we'll dig deeper and discuss Hurricane Matthew with a SEND Relief/ SBDR volunteer for a "boots on the ground perspective" and current efforts in North Carolina. 


Leaderbyte Podcast 4: Zombies, Film & Family: Leadership Conversations w/ Actor Jason Vail

November 3, 2016

Leaderbyte Host Chester Goad, talks zombies, film, family and leadership with Actor Jason Vail. Jason has been in over 60 movies. He's appeared on The Originals, Sleepy Hollow, Drop Dead Diva, and has had recurring roles on a variety of soaps, and played John Wilkes Booth in Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies! Most recently he can be seen in "Boo! A Madea Halloween", and a horror flick called, "Family Possessions". This spring you can catch Jason on Tyler Perry's "The Haves and The Have Nots", the History Channel's new Navy Seals Drama "Six", and more.


Leaderbyte Podcast 0 An Introduction to Leaderbyte Podcast and Your Host

October 21, 2016

Check out this introductory episode of The Leaderbyte Podcast to learn more about your host Chester Goad, the format of the show, and more! 


Leaderbyte Podcast 3 Catalyst, Leadership & What Kids Need More Of Gary Bennett

October 19, 2016

Host Chester Goad picks the brain of Gary Bennett, a Catalyst attender who happens to be a school leader. Get ready for some interesting insights on Catalyst, Leadership, School Leadership, and more. And this school leader has some thoughts and insights to share for emerging leaders and established leaders as well, in this last of 3 Leaderbyte Episodes from Catalyst Atlanta.There's plenty more Leaderbyte Podcast coming soon!