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Leaderbyte Podcast 7: Leading through Ugliness Part Two: Volunteer Boots on the Ground

November 6, 2016

In Part Two of Leading through Ugliness, we discuss Hurricane Matthew and disaster relief with veteran disaster volunteer and site director, Bill Fogarty.  Bill began his Disaster Relief journey with Hurricane Katrina, and has since become a leader in several disaster relief volunteer efforts.  Currently Bill Fogarty provides leadership to 14 Hurricane Matthew sites in North Carolina. In this Bonus episode, our Host Chester Goad, continues to dig deep into leading through ugly situations. What sort of person volunteers for disaster relief? What are the most important things leaders must remember during crisis situations?  North Carolina and communities all along the coast are still hurting. Is volunteering for you? How can you help? 

Hurricane Matthew Stats: Hurricane Matthew (October) - 634,157 meals prepared, 153 clean up jobs; 7,379 showers provided; 2,593 loads of laundry


Additional SBDR Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Stats
  • W.Va. Flood (June) - 127,583 meals prepared, 535 clean up jobs; 5,228 Showers provided; 1,550 loads of laundry
  • South Louisiana Floods (August) - 680,888 meals prepared, 2,882 clean up jobs; 13,511 Showers provided; 6,344 loads of laundry
  • 2016 TOTALS: 
    • 1,442,628 meals prepared
    • 3,570 clean up jobs
    • 26,118 showers provided
    • 10,487 loads of laundry 
      [Totals include above disasters and St. Louis Flood (December 2015); Louisiana Flood (March); East Texas Floods (March); Ft. McMurray (Canada) Fire (May); Texas Floods (May)]

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