Writer Carole Sparks: Insights and Leadership Tips for Creatives

August 9, 2017

Leaderbyte Host Chester Goad, talks with emerging, faithbased writer Carole Sparks who offers insight into her own creative process, advice on being a better leader, and the ultimate influence and inspiration for her writing. This was a deep and intriguing leadership conversation worth having--and one you don't want to miss.  


Who is Carole Sparks?

Carole took a round-about path to writing after graduating from both architecture school (BArch 1996) and seminary (MATh 2003) with top honors. Having journaled for years, she began sharing weekly “God thoughts” with a small circle of fellow Christ-followers. More than three years ago, the “God thoughts” morphed into a blog where Carole expounds on the Word of God as it applies to everyday life (and occasionally other relevant topics). In 2014, God called Carole to share the things He had taught her by writing Bible studies. These flow out of the blog posts as the Holy Spirit connects various Scriptures to each other and to the present day.

Having travelled far and read widely, Carole approaches life with the attitude that our experiences are our classroom and that there is something to be learned from every person. She asks, “What does God want to teach me here?” and “What is God saying through this person?” Quotes like, “The unexamined life is not worth living” (Socrates) linger in her mind. Some call it “navel-gazing,” but the time spent in reflection provides her with fodder for writing. More importantly, however, it reveals God’s glory like a silver thread woven through every moment of life—the good and the bad. The tone of her writing reflects that teachability and the idea of working through things together.

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